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The Year 5 team

Hello everyone and welcome to the Year 5 wordpress page!

The Year 5 team are committed to supporting each of our pupils and their families when learning in school and from home.

If you have any queries or questions then please feel free to contact any of the team using the contact page or by sending us an email. You can do this by emailing year5info@bpa.cabot.ac.uk and the class teachers will try to get back to you at their earliest convenience.

Year 5 curriculum

Year 5 is full of exciting learning which is sure to stretch your brains! We have some fantastic units in our curriculum that will engage and inspire you.

  • Through PSHE and neuroscience, we learn how we can make our brains bigger and stronger and how our decisions can make us even more awesome.
  • When we are authors, we explore the worlds of Shaun Tan and J. K. Rowling through their books and learn skills which help us to be better authors ourselves.
  • Through our Science units, we discover how atoms and particles make up every single thing in our universe. We study our circulatory and respiratory systems – and even make our own fake blood – to understand how oxygen travels around our bodies to keep us alive.
  • As Historians, we learn more about the mighty Romans and learn of the amazing inventions they conjured which impacted not only their lives but ours too!
  • Being artists means we immerse ourselves into the creative world of Kris Trappiers and other artists to create our own pieces of art using different drawing styles and techniques.
  • As Geographers, we study our location in the world and the differences between cities, counties, countries and continents. We do this by using geological resources such as maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping.
  • We are also sport stars! We learn how to be team players and practise positive attitudes as well develop our physical skills such as balance and coordination.

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